Deliciously moist vanilla cake donuts that are low sugar and low carb to enjoy the journey.

🍩Feeds your donut cravings
🎢Skips the sugar rollercoaster
😋Guaranteed Delicious

Want to enjoy more donuts?

Let me guess…you love donuts.

But the unkinD ones come with sugar and carbs, which ain’t your best friends. 😞

We get you…we created delicious moist cake donuts with 3g Net Carbs and no added sugar to help you Enjoy the Journey. 🍩😊

And YES,they taste and feel like the sugary donuts you grew up to love. Just without the sugary consequences.

Good Journey vs unkinD Donuts

We loved donuts but the unkinD ones didn’t love us back.

We were fed up with unkinD donuts. So we created Good Journey.

🍬 Those unkinD donuts had us believe that we could run on sugar. 

🏃🏽‍♀️They made us chase short-term and short-lived gratification. 

💔 They made us sacrifice our health.

😭 The more we consumed, the more we craved. And whenever we had them, we were left with regret.

🚀 So we gave them up and created Good Journey to empower others to enjoy the journey starting with ourselves.

❤️ The world runs better with kindness. And it starts with being kind to yourself.

🌎 When you are kind to yourself, it’s easy to be kind to others and to the planet.

💪 You can be free to live, forgive, and not give a f*ck of what others think when you are yourself.

👊 Because you, yes YOU are enough as you are.


Kristoffer Quiaoit

Hola! A few years ago I got on Shark Tank for my low carb cookie company, Nui. 

It was incredible, but I made a few mistakes and had to shut the company down and file bankruptcy.

It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to go through.

To prioritize my mental health, I cut out sugar and carbs that made me feel more anxious.

Then one day when I was hanging out with my friends Helen and Roger at their donut shop, they said “Why don’t you create a low carb donut?” 

And so we joined forces, and after over a year of experimentation, we finally perfected a delicious cake donut that was low in sugar and 3g Net Carbs.

Now we’re on a mission to help people enjoy their Journey.

Helen Ma

Creating a donut that was made like a donut and tasted like a donut was super challenging.

Gluten, starch, and sugar are amazing at keeping things together and airy. And they taste great.

So making donuts without those key ingredients was a daunting task.

We failed over and over and over.

We finally got the recipe to work with traditional donut equipment.

We were able to mimic sugar’s sweetness with allulose and stevia.

And we designed our own icing without artificial ingredients.

The result - a moist and delicious low sugar cake donut that donut lovers can enjoy.


Long-time donut shop owner Helen and Shark Tank Alum and low carb cookie creator Kristoffer combined forces and expertise to work on the impossible--create a delicious low carb donut.

It took us over a year and it was super challenging. We failed hundreds of times. But we finally created donuts with 3g Net Carbs and most importantly Delicious!

26g Total Carbs - 17g Dietary Fiber - 6g Allulose (natural sweetener) = 3g Net Carbs

Yes, they are keto friendly with only 3 grams net carbs and 2 gram of sugar

Our donuts are low sugar and low glycemic

Yes, our donuts are gluten-free.

Yes, we wanted to make the donuts as tasty as possible and moist without adding any artificial preservatives.

We ship the donuts frozen with an ice pack and inside an insulated liner. The donuts may arrive thawed. Immediately put the donuts in the freezer or refrigerator.

You can store the donuts in the freezer for up to 6 month. You can thaw them in the microwave by removing the donuts from the package and microwaving for 15 seconds or you can thaw them at ambient. You can also store the donuts in the refrigerator for up 2 months from when you receive them.

Nope. But we have nothing against Erythritol.

No. They have dairy and eggs.

We don’t have any plans yet. Our focus is on taste and texture and low sugar and net carbs. If we discover a way to make a plant-based version that meets our high standards for taste and texture, then we will.

We use a new natural sweetener called Allulose, which tastes like sugar but does not raise blood sugar. In nature, allulose is found in dates and raisins. We also use stevia extract.

Yes, 4 or 5 grams of protein per donut.

Each donut has 180 calories.